Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Will Play Charlie Sheen in his Biopic?

If Charlie Sheen doesn't get his shit together soon we may be looking at a biopic of his life sooner than we would have expected. So of course the question we would ask ourselves is...who would play Charlie Sheen?

Well who better than Academy Award winner Christian Bale? We already know that Bale can play Sheen's exact current personality...check him out as Dicky Eklund...look familiar? Watch Charlie Sheen in any of his 100 interviews last week and you will see creepy similarities.

Dicky Eklund....winning.


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  1. Today Charlie Sheen announced that he would want Christopher Lloyd to play him in the upcoming 'Charlie Sheen Project'. He goes on to say that his Goddesses call him 'Jim' when he gets mad, because he is 'all crazy'. He finished the interview with 'Yeah, yeah, I'm psychic. I didn't tell you guys about it before, because I didn't want you to think I was offbeat or something.'


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