Friday, March 11, 2011

When Fat Stars get Skinny: Jonah Hill and Raven Symone Edition

Is it just me...or do other people get kind of weirded out when stars who are generally known and loved for being hefty lose a shit tone of weight. Cause I do. Drew Carey...creepy. Seth Rogen...skinny, unfortunately still fug. Jennifer Hudson...her mouth looks HUGE now. John Goodman...ok well that was good, cause he probably would have died.

Now add two more to the mix. Jonah Hill recently stepped out after shedding some pounds. I am not sure how that will fair for his type casting...he always plays a bitter douche...which was fine cause everyone thought "You are clearly douchey because you are fat" but now he will just be douchey "because"...cause that is not as funny.

That's So Raven's Raven Symone showed off the weight that she lost on Thursday at an ABC Family event. Gack. She kind of looks like Paula Abdule...which is definitely scary. Good for her is unfortunate, but chicks definitely get shat on more for having more fat than bones in that industry.


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