Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When Auditioning for Dragon's Den...

The producers of Dragon's Den were in Calgary this weekend auditioning potential candidates to go on the show and pitch some fabulous ideas to the Dragons. I stopped by for a second to see if Calgs had anything good to offer.

Not gonna lie...I was on day 2 of my birthday weekend bender and I was feeling a little rough. My stop literally consisted of 2 auditions and a chat with a Calgary girl who was waiting to do her pitch. From what I saw I can tell you this:

1. If you are going to go pitch something to be on TV act a little excited and dress appropriate. The first guy I saw was basically like, "Meh if you don't pick me, whatever." I noticed his complete indifference and so did the producers. They noticed that when he talked he didn't seem to care...I noticed that when he put together his outfit he decided that shoes didn't matter and came in wearing only socks. Who does that? Idiot.

2. Some ideas are pretty legitimate, but that doesn't mean they are entertaining. The second audition I saw was an attic door (or something)...looked legit, but boring as hell. The man with no socks was more entertaining...this pitch made my bender hangover much more noticeable. So please...try to make your pitch seem not boring...even if it is.

3. Driven young adults are golden. I met a lovely girl named Kaitlyn Kashman. She was a 17 year old high school student from Calgary who has written a book called Words of a Journey. Even though her book is already being sold at Chapters, Barnes & Noble and on Amazon she would like the Dragons to elevate her to the next level.

Rewind...this chick is 17 and has a book that is sold at Barns & Noble? F-ck. Day one of being 25 and I hate my life already. Writing a book about how rad I am is on my bucket I better get on it as I wasn't aware that the youngsters were starting off so effing early.

If you have an exciting business idea that you would like to pitch you are in luck. The producers will be back in Calgary on March 26. So dress appropriately, have an entertaining idea and most importantly know your shit...because the producers definitely do. And if there is a random sitting off to the may be someone like be entertaining, or else.



  1. The girl kaitlyn is my cousin and she's doing an amazing job with her book! Way to go kaitlyn!!!

  2. We are extremely proud to have Kaitlyn as our youngest author at Modern History Press. She is an example to young people about how to stop griping and start being a force for positive change in life. Her book "Words of a Journey" is the first Canadian entry in our "World Voices" Series.


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