Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UCLA Student rants on Asians, School Admins not Impressed

Alexandra Wallace is the girl in this video that was posted on the internet...she is raging about her UCLA Asian American classmates...their living habits and poor manners in the library.  She started off kind of good...not too too offensive, just giving some observations...and then she just gets stupid.

Now there are a couple of things wrong with this video from my perspective:
  • First...the girl looks and talks like a complete bimbo. If you want me to think that you are an intelligent human you may want to cover up your knockers and stop talking like you just stepped off the set of Hannah Montana. My guess is that you are in Dance...or General Arts...and the only reason you were accepted into school was because Grandpa made a big donation.(Nothing against Dance and General Arts...they just seem like the best bets for a paid major).
  • Second, don't say "no offence" and then proceed to stereotype an entire continent of people...they are not stupid, they know you are meaning to be racist and offensive.
  • Third...you may not want to say that these people may be annoying you because it is possible that they are talking to family members effected by a recent natural disaster in Japan that has been broadcast around the word. Reason one - that is just insensitive and bad bad bad karma. Reason two - most Asians at your school are probably from China, not Japan....and if there is anything an Asian hates most it is being mistaken for another ethnicity of Asian. Trust me, I know.
I can't go on and say that I haven't made vast generalizations about different races before such as Americans are ignorant, Asians are bad drivers, the Irish are alcoholics, the French are slutty - ok maybe that last one I just made up now...but it could be true. I am also pretty sure that at one point or another everyone has had a cultural annoyance with someone, but does it really deserve a webcam rant?

Did she fail your test because of these Asian cell phone users? I can pretty much guarantee that if she failed her test it is because she is lacking in brain power and not 5 minutes of interrupted study time.

The UCLA school admins have since made the statement, "We've seen the video and it includes comments that we find offensive," spokesman Phil Hampton said. "They are contrary to the values of UCLA." 


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