Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trailer for yet ANOTHER Kardashian reality show.

Ok that's it! Honestly Kardashian's please stop. How many reality shows has this family had? And I wasn't even thinking of the Jenner spawn in The Prince of Malibu and The Hills. They are like reality TV crack is to them is what Tiger Blood is to Charlie Sheen.

I would like to have a season free Kardashian television on E!...but since I know this is pretty much impossible may I suggest that Scott Disick gets his own show...cause he is the only entertaining one in that entire situation.

Khloe and Lamar...I think I would rather watch the OWN Network.  Ah, ok I take that back. Watching OWN is almost as bad as having a cyst burst on my face.



  1. Yes Khloe, you and Lamar will be great parents, to stupid children who would be the kind to run out and think Twilight is Oscar worthy. But you're right, Scott Disick should get his own show because him trying to manage his anger is a league of its own.

  2. E Channel= The Kardashian Channel.


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