Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 5: Movies Filmed in Japan

So with everything going on in Japan right now I thought I would make this weeks top 5 an ode to first I was going to do "Japan's best exports" but that was kind of boring and slightly instead I will do top 5 movies filmed in Japan.

Lost in Translation
Now...don't get me wrong, in no way does this mean I am endorsing Bill Murray or Scarlett Johansson, both of whom I cannot stand, but it is one of the more legit movies filmed in Japan. And so much awesome Japanese stuff you just can't go wrong.

This was not fully filmed in Japan, but you must remember the deaf Japanese girl that gets naked for the police officer and they you think she is going to jump off the balcony and kill herself. Intense. And Brad Pitt is in

Jackass the Movie (#1)
Remember the first Jackass Movie? Well they went to Japan and terrorized the poor Japanese more than Godzilla. I remember watching this scene and thinking...I wonder if that Cop has a tazer...and will he use it?

Three Ninjas Strike Back
You can't make a list about Japan and not have some sort of ass kicking...and there was no way I was putting Tom Cruise's The Last the three ninjas got it. Is this formula still used today in movies? Stupid thieves and kids that terrorize them (ie Home Alone etc)? I did quite enjoy this movie when I was 10.

Mr. Baseball
Tom f-cking Selleck. Enough said.


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