Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 5: Epic Photos from JUNO Weekend

I went to Toronto this weekend for the Junos...while I was there I met a few people and spoke with a couple artists. The result of this was some funny photos and some hilarious stories. Here are my top 5 from the weekend.

Yesterday I posted my article from my interview with Meaghan Smith. What a doll. She ended up winning the Juno for New Artist of the Year. This photo you already saw because it was the only one I had with Meaghan, but it was pretty dope....and it was her idea. Funny broad.

I had never heard of this dude before I went to his show at Juno Fest. He was legit. The person I was with was a big fan and wanted Peter to sing I harassed him while he was on stage to play it (I believe I said, "I came all the way from CALGARY to hear you play that song" - such lies) and he told me he would "play it for me later" which I took quite literally and made him play me a private concert in the basement of the venue. This was the picture we took at the end.  His face definitely reads "Get this crazy bitch away from me." Ha ha. (You can watch my private concert here.)

I also met Said the Whale on Friday, the day before they were awarded New Group of the Year. (Am I a lucky charm or what?...or what.) I did an interview with them after their show at the Horseshoe Tavern, which was absolutely packed. Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft are the two that started the Vancouver based band and are pictured here with me. We were doing the interview in a room that had a giant hole in the of course we had to get a picture with it. Interview article still to come...

Robyn is currently one of my Canadian faves. It may be the hidden hipster in me that makes me love her as know one else really knows who she is...yet. The non-hipster in me wants her to get so big her head explodes. We did our interview in the Royal York and after we got Raj to push us around on one of the luggage carriers...what a sport that man was. Ha ha. Interview article still to come...

Calgary Represent
After the main broadcast of the Juno awards Mike Morrison of the Calgary based blog Mikes Bloggity Blog and I serenaded the media room with a kick ass version of Somebody to Love by  Biebs....just kidding, but would that not have been hilarious if we did? Well I am sure no one else would have found it funny, but it would have been.  In this photo the media room is basically empty and we are not even singing. But it is funny, no?

Well was fun. Now I sit in the airport waiting to head home to Calgs and back to my day job. Can someone just pay me to be awesome already? Gawd.


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