Monday, March 7, 2011

Suri Cruise takes Vancouver

Suri Cruise went for a little jaunt in VanCity this weekend. So many things went through my mind when I saw this picture:
  1. Oh my GAWD Suri can walk? When did that happen? (Then I remembered that I think there was one or two times that I had seen her pictured without being held by one of her overly protective parents).
  2. Suri is 5?! I remember when she was still an alien child delivered by the UFO stork. Gawd I am getting old. (I actually didn't know this by the picture, rather the caption).
  3. What the f-ck is she doing with a pacifier in her mouth. (Seriously are going to get beat on the playground for that kind of shit...knock it off).
I do like her coat though.



  1. WTF! a pacifier... HOLY MOLY

  2. OMG!!! What parent in their right mind would let this child walk around with that STUPID suckie in her mouth. Do they know what they are doing to her teeth? Grab some brains Mom and Dad!


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