Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Selena Gomez's New Song...Isn't this bandwagon is already full?

I'm over it. Empowerment, you are great as you songs are officially getting on my nerves. I feel like every pop star feels like they need to put out one of these songs or they feel like they don't support diversity. They are good every once in a while...but every single release lately seems to have the same message (except Britney...God bless her hussy heart).

I understand, if you think I didn't, that some kids are made to feel like shit for a plethora of different reasons...but how about a song for the idiot bullies out there? I'm Gonna Find you are Rip your Face Off by P!nk or Don't make me Shoot you with the Gun I Just Pulled out Of my Va-jay by Lady Gaga. Put your thinking caps on people...this feel good train has GOT to leave the station at some point.

All these messages are feeding into the coddling of the today's youth. Yes, I believe that positive reinforcement and don't let anyone tell you what to do/be messages that we are sending to kids are going to be the demise of the future generation. You think 20 year olds have a sick feeling of entitlement? Think about a world that is run by people who grew up to Ke$ha and We R Who We R. *Shudder

Thank God I am probably gonna die young.

Oh...and Selena Gomez's song is called Who Says...and it isn't very good. Beliebers will be pleased.


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