Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sean William Scott Enters Rehab

When is the last time we heard from this guy? Sean William Scott...or as most people know him as - Stiffler from American Pie...has voluntarily admitted himself into rehab for personal and health issues -  which have yet to be released.

Um, is it just me or is rehab becoming a trend lately? Not saying that Stiffler is doing this...but wouldn't it be scandalous if a star were to check him or herself into rehab when they have no problems, slip the news to the press, and then get out and be "fine"...and then act like they were on a life/career rebound? I am sure this has been on the minds of sick publicists everywhere for decades. Nothing is more winning than a celeb that comes out of rehab on top...ex. Robert Downey Jr.. People are all for the ones who can overcome.

Now the question is, which rehab centre did he check himself into? Word on the street is that Charlie Sheen has left the Sober Valley Lodge which only has room for one patient...maybe Sean took his spot.

Well Sean, whatever your deal is I hope you come out of it the RDJ way and not the Lohan way...cause I JUST remembered that you were in Role Models, which was kind of funny.


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