Thursday, March 31, 2011

Said The Whale: Spencer wears a thong @saidthewhale

The peeps in Said The Whale are fresh off their Juno win for New Group of the Year. The Friday before the big win, I sat down with band members Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft them in a green room at the Horseshoe Tavern with a hole in the door and broken chairs...according to them it was very "rock and roll."

I just wanted to know a little bit more about this band that has such buzz and I wish I could tell you all, however, I was not on my "A" game and most of the stuff I got you could find on their Wikipedia page...mainly their prior tour stops.  Not their fault though...remind me next time I do an interview with no questions written down when I am 15 drinks in that the end result will be me annoyed by the sound of my own voice on the recording cursing myself out at my own stupidity.  I didn't even ask them if they wanted to win the Juno. Did I say I was 15 drinks in? Cause I was.

So what did I get? Well they really like playing in St. John's, NFLD (who wouldn't?), they enjoy camping while on tour if they have a break (not surprising, they are from the coast...hippies), they like to shower (this is very nice to hear...especially since they are, in my mind, hippies), they have done about 9 tours across Canada (I had never been to one of their concerts before that night...tragic), they are very excited about the Junos (in the words of Charlie Sheen and Michelle Tanner - duh).

My best question of the foggy night was definitely a throw back to the 90's when guys actually adorned one of these options...boxers or briefs...but who does anymore? Boxer-briefs are where it's at...and if you were wondering, both Ben and Tyler wear them.  Spencer, the drummer, according to Ben and Tyler wears a thong. F-ck yeah.

The best thing I got out of this interview was this picture in the busted up "rock and roll" door. I must say, it's pretty dope.

For Said The Whale Canadian tour dates go here. STW will be in Calgary on April 17 and 28.


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  1. I LOVE STW! I am very jealous of your photos.


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