Monday, March 14, 2011

Ryan Phillippe Knocked up his Ex?

Ryan Phillippe, who is currently dating giant eyes Amanda Seyfried, has supposedly gone and knocked up his ex. The ex, Alexis Knapp supposedly told a friend that the kid in her belly belongs to Ryan...she is due in June which means she got knocked up around October.

Since I don't follow the exploits of Ryan Phillippe I have no idea when he broke up with the girl (Abby something?) that he left his dope wife (Reese fucking Whitherspoon) for...I had no idea that he even dated this Alexis chick...but I do think I kind of heard that he may have been dating Seyfried. Point is...after Reese I stopped giving a shit (...and he is fug).

Well if he did knock up this girl he better man up. Sucks for this chick...cause she is pretty young and having a child as an actress and NOT being loaded with five nannies can really kill your career. Well it was either going to be this kid...or the release of So Undercover which she is in with Miley Cyrus. This girl is just full of bad choices. No glove and a Cyrus bomb.


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  1. If you've made it to the age of 26 and you still don't understand the basic concept of contraception just thank your lucky stars that more bad crap in your life hasn't happened because you're probably not capable of doing too much else for yourself.


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