Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rihanna may have to cancel some shows...again

Rihanna's ticket sales for her latest tour are not going well. On her tour last year they cancelled some shows because the ticket sales were terrible...and it looks like this time around it is no different.

This is kind of surprising to me because she is so popular...maybe people just don't want to go see Emo-Riri...maybe she would have been better off staying a good girl. The little tweens that would, I am guessing, normally pack out half of the audience are staying at home because mom's don't want to buy tickets for their kids to see a girl who sings about S&M, shooting herself and other generally depressing behaviour.

I can say that I really liked her last show. I was surprised actually at how good it was...maybe that is the problem. The expectation of Ri's live show is so minimal people are refusing to pay $100 to go see her when really...it is kind of worth it. Sad face for Rihanna.


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