Monday, March 7, 2011

Recap: Goodbye Greek

Greek had its Series Finale tonight. I wasn't an avid fan, but come to think of it...I did watch the whole series over summers of boredom etc. Hum...I guess this little gem may have been a guilty pleasure. Who knew!?

I feel like this happens to me a lot...the series finale just kind of snuck up on me. It was like that one time, when they cancelled Reba and I thought there was a typo on the screen when it said "series" finale instead of "season"...I was devastated. Yes...I loved Reba...Reebs is good shit.

So anyways...for any of you that watched the college based Greek life show these are a couple things that wrapped the show up in a nice little bow (too was almost nauseating):
  • The KT House gets demolished (literally) because the University is going to build an athletic centre on it (I believe it was at this point when I started's like the show is about to end).
  • Casey drops out of law school because she doesn't want to defend "the man" (or something lame like that...pfft, goodbye good money is basically what she was saying).
  • Cappie graduates (shocking) and then we find out that his real name is Captain John Paul Jones.
  • Evan and Cappie become friends (so lame...most unbelievable part of the whole finale).
  • Ashley and Rusty start dating (I lied...THIS is the most unbelievable part)
  • Casey and Cappie leave and move to DC.
All in all it was a pretty classic "you have graduated and now your life begins" ending...which I have never understood because when I graduated University I spent the last couple of months having daily panic attacks and losing my mind over finding a job...I don't even remember writing finals let alone pausing to "bask in the glory of the end" or whatever. These bitches were all calm, collected and reminiscing.  Lies. Let me write a TV show and I will make it legit and authentic.

Well now that Greek is over the big question is...will Spencer Grammer ever find another job?


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