Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rebecca Black Acoustic - Ears Bleed

Generally if a producer feels the need to auto-tune the shit out of your voice it is because A) they are a complete jack ass or B) You suck balls and it is necessary.

Now we all know that I think that whoever came up with the whole thing is A, but I think that both apply when it comes to the use of auto-tune of Black's song Friday.  She claimed that she actually could sing and wanted t o prove it by singing that monstrosity of a song acoustically. I knew it would be bad but...I didn't think she would actually sound like the auto-tuned version of herself. So horrible.

And then at the end when she claps like "I am so great" is like those delusional people on American Idol who's parents tell them they can sing even though they suck. It's just mean.

If I were sitting on one of those couches watching this my face would have looked like this:
I believe that those kids on the couch that were smiling were either deaf or taped before she started singing.

Now that we know she is a complete hack can we please please get rid of her?


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