Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Qantas Flight Attendants not happy with John Travolta's Safety Video

John Travolta is the Goodwill Ambassador for the Australian airline Qantas and filmed a intro to their safety video. In it he refers to the flight attendants as "the team"...which I guess is bad? Anyways, the flight attendants are pissed and have said things like "does he think we work at MacDonalds."

Well my guess is that he doesn't think you work at MacDonalds...he actually doesn't give a shit about you at all. You really should probably take your outrage out on the person who write the copy for this ad that Travolta is clearly spewing. People will just bitch about anything won't they?

Next time I am on a flight and I going to exit the plane and say "good work team!" and hopefully I will see some smoke come out of their ears.  This can NOT seriously be a real complaint.


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