Sunday, March 13, 2011

Provost, AB Filming Alert

I am a tad behind on this update, but a the film Barlowe Mann is currently being filmed in Provost, AB (a town North East of Calgs near the Sask border). It started filming on March 4 and will wrap by March 23.

Corbin Bersen is the writer and director of the film (pictured above). According to IMDB he is the only official person associated with the film, but the Provost News also links Dendrie Taylor (The Fighter), Nathan Gamble, Vernee Watson, and Larry Pressman as part of the cast. No big hitters like Dicaprio or Pitt from previous Alberta filmings, but whateves. Everyone has got to start somewhere right?

On the set of Barlowe Mann Photo Credit: The Provost News
No clue yet as to what this picture is about, but I am sure it will come out eventually. My guess...something sad and morbid as is it being filming in the winter in central Alberta.


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  1. Provost is near Wainwright! haha I don't understand why they would film there...not much happens in Provost besides a lot of drugs



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