Thursday, March 31, 2011

Please let Jersey Shore Season 4 Be Sammi and Ronnie Free

Dear Producers of Jersey Shore,

As far as I know the name of Jersey Shore never changed to the Sammi and Ronnie show. Did it? Cause I missed that memo.  Now I know that it is possible that the last two seasons of this gem of a show you felt like the other idiots were not being ridiculous enough so you needed to focus all your time on the Ron/Sam drama, but enough is enough.

I am HOPING that since you are taking the Italian offenders to the homeland for next season you will be able to focus on some other outrageous situations that do not involve Ron crying over Sam and Sam crying over Ron. It is tiring, it is boring, and it is making people turn off their TVs.

Let's get up to some crazy antics. Keep Sammi and Ronnie away from each other. Or just cut them out in editing...even if you think that their fight is a TV gold mine - please think twice. Unless the fight ends with someone getting shot or castrated please, please, please keep that shit off my TV.

Much love,


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