Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The giant supergroup NKOTBSB will be going on tour starting on May 25...and to start it all off the New Kids and the BSB will be releasing a JOINT album on May 24. Holy mother of all that is holy. It is a a 90's boy band fan's wet dream!

The album will include hits from both bands as well as their new single Don't Turn Out the Lights and the mash up that they preformed at the American Music Awards.

As for the rest of the songs...fans can go to the website and vote for their top 5 songs from each band to be included in the album. I would encourage all real fans to vote...as for you "other" people (as in not legit people because you hate on the great acts of our time) do not vote. I don't need my album tarnished with your opinions.

Click here to vote.


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