Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Britney: Til the World Ends

Britney Spears released another single today...Til the World Ends. It was co-written by Ms. Dirtbag (Ke$ha).

I can almost feel the strobe light flashing in my face while listening to this song. It will be a hit on the dance floor...but hopefully that is it.

I am beginning to have a huge beef with the amount of processing used on the voices in songs...especially Britney's. I mean, I KNOW that the betch can't sing, but with the amount of manipulation to the voice in this is possible that it is my dad singing and they made it sound like a girl. This song also sounds very Ke$ha-like. And I honestly think that only Ms. Dirt can pull that off. 

And before you say "Do you like ANYTHING!?"...I will just preemptively say that I will start liking songs, when the music industry stops being so God damn lazy and starts producing actual legit music. Until then...I will hate hate hate until "the world ends."


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