Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nancy Grace is an Idiot. Period.

Ah Nancy Grace...there is one thing that you are good for - giving my eyes a well needed roll every once in a while.

Since I shall be MIA from the blog for a greater part of the day tomorrow I thought that I would leave you with something extra special. Nancy Grace looking like a complete ri-tard trying to call out the meteorologist on the show.

It is people like her that make Americans dumb and cause unneeded stress and panic. If you live in California and your neighbours just went and hid out in their basement/bomb shelter it may be safe to say that they are a fan of Grace or some idiot like her...I am giving you license to punch these idiots in the throat. They deserve it.

Nancy Grace, let me "school you" your bang poof went out of style in 1996. Suck on that betch.



  1. Nancy Grace is not just an idiot, but a genuine degenerate as well. Her idiotic and degenerate face promotes an instant vomit. She is a perfect example of average stupid American.

  2. Nancy grace has exploited a childs death,that is disgusting.


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