Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miley Cyrus plays Justin Bieber on SNL

Last night Miley Cyrus hosted SNL...and it WASN'T horrific. Generally SNL is the most unfunny show on television, but Miley actually did a pretty decent job. You must remember that that is the kind of acting that she is used to doing so I wasn't too too surprised. A lot of the skits were lame of course, which is not her fault cause she doesn't write them, but the Miley Cyrus Show was good (it usually is currently the only thing on the show besides Seth Myers that I find amusing).

In the best skit Miley played Justin Bieber. Quite funny although I did not love that she was wearing nail polish...anyone think that through? They should have worked in the crazy fans or some sort of talk about "I am only here because of my fans" ...because he does that in almost every interview.

SNL...still unfunny, but may think about having M Cyrus back on the show.


Miley's opening...

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  1. Here she goes saying she sees him as a Father Figure. She needs to get a quick reality check that how she sees it, is completely different than that person she is referring to, obviously!


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