Monday, March 7, 2011

McWedding? Oh yes you China

Oh the Chinese...what a fascinating bunch. Foot binding (shudder) and now weddings at McDicks. Now you too can enjoy the greasy smell of  McNuggets on your wedding day...if you live in Hong Kong.

In January of this year McDonalds chains in Hong Kong unveiled their new McWedding package. I am not lying...I don't like about Ronald's shit, that would piss off the world's happy ginger clown. According to TIME magazine...the McWedding is a brides dream (?):

McWedding is casual, stress-free and inexpensive: The basic "Warm and Sweet Wedding Package" for fifty guests goes for under $1,300. For another $165, the bride can rent a gown of pearly white balloons. 

50 at McDicks for $1,300...that is $26 a person. What the hell are these people eating? 20 cheeseburgers each? And what is a "gown of pearly white balloons"? A wedding dress made of balloons? is only $165, so that's kind of dope.

I obviously think this is insane...but I wonder how many crazy people from North America are going to ask their local McDicks about putting on a McWedding of their own. I would not be surprised if this becomes a thing. People are poor and addicted to fast food. Ick.


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