Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin on Vampire Diaries...Say it Ain't So.

Ah, if this is true...shame on you CW. The rumour is that Kate Gosselin is going to be making an appearance on the CW show Vampire Diaries as Tularosa Exalted Sorceress of The Dancing Devil Demons.

A couple reasons why I do not think this is true.
  1. It's Kate Gosselin. Her ability to do anything beyond being a raging bitch it questionable. Did you see Dancing with the Stars?
  2. What the hell is Tularosa Exalted Sorceress of The Dancing Devil Demons...that is way too cheesy, even for the CW.
  3. Kate Gosselin is still relevant? No, she is why would she get a role on the CW's hottest show?
If this is true I am mind blown. If it is not...welcome to my life of false tips.


This tip is from Tommy. Feel free to cut him if it isn't true.

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