Sunday, March 27, 2011

Juno's...the non-televised part.

Shad wins Rap Recording of the Year
Music awards shows generally give out 8 to 10 awards on the actual makes room for all the acceptance speeches, the performances and the wittiness of the host. The rest of the awards are given out at a non-televised show.  Last night was the Juno Gala Awards Dinner hosted by Jian Ghomeshi and Seamus O'Regan.

So here are my highlights of the night...
  • Jian Ghomeshi is actually hilarious. I know that most people know this already, but I was unaware. Katy Perry won for International Album of the year...she wasn't there so Jian said, "Uh Katy Perry, busy." Ha ha.
  • Best acceptance speech of the night was the Vocal Jazz Album of the Year winner Kellylee Evans.  She says, "...this is for anyone who has ever been nice to me, EVEN ONCE." and then proceeds to sing Feelin Good...nails it and I am now a fan!
  • The currently unsigned and unmanaged Edmontonian Quanteisha wins R&B Recording of the Year over the "table dancer" Keshia Chante. Yay for the Albertan underdog.
  • Hedley wins their first Juno ever...well, not them exactly, but the dude that made their music video Perfect.
  • Biggest upset of the night was probably rapper Shad winning Rap Recording of the Year over tonights host Drake. Yikes. It's Bieber 2.0.
  • Arcade Fire wins for Alternative Album of the Year (no surprise there...they will also win for everything else they are nominated prediction). American Win Butler says, "I'm honoured to be pretending to be Canadian for 10 years now." after he proclaims, "This means we're not adults, yay!" (as there was an "Adult Alternative Album of the Year" category that was won by Neil Young earlier in the night.)
  • Said the Whale wins New Group of the Year and proclaim on stage that they would like to share their Juno with fellow nominees Hollerado...turns out that both bands have been friends since inception and got nominated at the same time. Small music world. 
Said the Whale wins New Group of the Year
You can see all the winners here.  Stay tuned for more Junos tonight when the televised broadcast occurs! (For those of you wondering...Biebs isn't gonna be there, but there is a rumour that he has a video recorded...this does not mean that he won anything, FYI.)


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