Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recap: Juno Awards

Some of you may have seen that "live blogging" thing that I wrote while the Junos were going on. Yuck. Remind me never to do that again. Please wash that garbage from your mind and read this as my official Juno Awards recap.

The night started out with a recorded skit done by Canada's two current hot exports, Drake and Bieber. As you know Bieber was unable to attend this years Junos as he is currently touring Europe...probably because he wanted to skip the award show in his own country that completely snubbed him last year.  Bieber and Drake sing Sarah McLachlan's I Will Remember You to each other, Drake gives Bieber Tim Horton's donuts and the girls scream.  

Shania in the Hall of Fame
Drake was actually a pretty good host. He sang a song to Shania Twain before she received her Hall of Fame award which included the line, "You worked at McDonalds, I ate at McDonalds. We should be together...Damn, I'm dying to make you feel like a woman baby." Drake's shining moment as a host couldn't land him a Juno though...he was one of the most nominated of the night and walked away with a big fat goose egg of a number. In other words, he pulled a Bieber.

Bieber, however, did not pull a Bieber. Bieber took home Fan Choice and Pop Album of the Year...much to the shrieking delight of the audience. Even the great Neil Young recognized the legitimacy of the Bieber in the media room saying, "He's got some moves." 

Arcade Fire and Win Butler's hair.
Arcade Fire is still riding the wave of awesome all the way from the Grammys...taking home Album of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Alternative Album of the Year and Group of the Year...they lost Artist of the Year to Neil Young...I thought they would sweep, but even I can be wrong...sometimes.

The performances of the night were pretty stellar. The most stand out for me...Hedley and Jacob Hoggard's disgusting mustache. Someone needs to shave that mess off his face asap. Hedley is actually pretty good live...if you like the sound of their recorded's exactly the same thing. 

Neil Young...winner of Artist of the Year
Some other highlights include Shania Twain getting inducted into the Hall of Fame and saying she likes "our bush" (which she later clarified to be the "forest" in mind had gone elsewhere), Meaghan Smith winning Best New Artist, Chromeo performing a wicked number, and Win Butler's hair (as usual).

It was a pretty good would have been dope if Bieber had been there to actually pick up his awards, but a boys gotta do what a boys gotta do.


Side note: The Junos logo this unborn child could have come up with something screams Comic Sans if you know what I mean.

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