Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Review: Kung Fu Panties

It is pretty hard for me to hate a show that is hilarious...it is not hard for me to hate a show that thinks it is funny but is really obnoxious. Luckily for Rebecca Northan and the Kung Fu Panties crew the comedic timing was on.

This show was about a vigilante group called The Sisterhood, compiled of orphaned girls that are trained from childhood to fight and kill...think Salt, but no dudes. The sisters run around in spandex suits and kill bad guys while leaving thongs as calling cards.  Does this seem cheesy to you? Well it is, and Northan (Writer/Director/Star) went with it and made it the funniest thing I think I have ever seen in live theatre.

There was a tie for the show stealer. Foul mouthed rage induced sister Malta (Chantal Perron) and the Latin crime boss with the hysterical speech impediment Flores (Christian Goutsis). I am not sure if she meant to do this, but Northan gave Perron and Goutsis all the best lines of the show. From Malta's constant reference to her hate of feminism to Flores imitating Charlie Sheen...it was all magic.

Now not every play is perfect...There were some parts that made me cringe, especially the group fight scenes. When they were actually supposed to be fighting in real speed it was hard to watch...thank God for the comedic relief with the black ninjas that would allow the whole scene to turn into slow motion and put a Matrix spin on live theatre.  It must be seen to be understood...but those ninjas pretty much made the show.

Although I think this show was the bomb digg, not everyone will enjoy it. Please see the check list below of all things awesome/offensive that take place in this piece of theatre:
  • Continuous use of the words F-ck and Jesus Christ
  • Nudity (male ass cheeks)
  • Violence (tasers, punches, slaps, bitch slaps, kicks, knock out pinches)
  • Death (shot, snapped necks, stabbed etc)
  • Constant references to menstrual cycles, and vajayjays
  • Nudity (female ass cheeks)
  • Pre-show music featuring Eminem
  • Male strippers (...with giant eyebrows - if we wanted to make this one offensive)
  • Alcohol abuse (anyone drinking Tequila in my books is an abuser)
  • Grown men wearing purple and not making any reference what-so-ever to Justin Bieber and their clear rip off of his style
  • Sex, sexiness, sexier
  • A guy that is not cripple playing a cripple (What? Some people were pissed about the able bodied kid playing Artie in Glee, were they not?)
I would say that if you enjoy all of the above you should be good to go see this show (hurry, it ends April 3). If not, pass...stay home and do something you usually would...like watch Kate Plus 8 or whatever you people enjoy.

Verdict: 4.2


For more information about Kung Fu Panties playing at Vertigo Theatre or tickets go here.

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  1. There's a story, and a valid medical reason, behind Roman being played in a wheelchair. But, most importantly, it just works!


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