Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Review: The Kennedys (TV Movie Series)

The controversial TV mini series The Kennedys was pulled from the History Channel's line up last year after the Kennedy family said they would not support it. Of course this lead people to believe that it made the family look horrible, which it kind of does. The American channel ReelzChannel has since picked it up and will be airing it starting April 3.  In Canada History Television will be airing the 8 hour 4 part movie starting on April 10.

My knowledge of the Kennedy family is super basic...a couple of them got assassinated and Marilyn Monroe supposedly did the dirty with JFK, but my interest in US politics in the era before I was born is minuscule. After watching the first 2 episodes of this version of the Kennedy story I can see why the Family would want to kibosh it. I am not saying that it is true or false...but it pretty much brings every bad speculation of the family onto the screen.

The most interesting part of the story, for me, was Joseph Kennedy Sr., JFK's dad. I didn't know that every Papa Joe out there was bound to be a douche bag. It looks like every generation has a Papa Joe behind the helm of someone's success. Joe Kennedy was first  then Joe Jackson and Joe Simpson follow. This Papa Joe is made out to be a womanizer who taught his boys that they can cheat as much as they want and money can buy them anything including the presidency. His soul purpose in life was to have someone in his family be the leader of the country...and he basically stops at nothing.

As far as casting goes, Greg Kinnear plays a good JFK and I can't really say that much about the other choices because I don't know much about the family...but of course Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy - was there no one else? If the Kennedy men weren't so douchy in this series I would think that the Kennedy Family tried to kill this series in the States solely based on her.

The series doesn't start out as riveting as I thought it would, but it grew on me and now I am pretty excited to see the next 6 episodes. As far as the truth behind the portrayal...I'll leave that in the hands of historians and people who actually knew the men.

Verdict: 3.7 Stars


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