Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Laughs: Charlie Brooker on My Super Sweet 16

Charlie Brooker is a British comedian and journalist whose doc series How TV Ruined Your Life is currently airing on BBC Two (although you can find all the episodes on YouTube).

It is basically him telling viewer how dumb they are because they watch TV and actually think life is supposed to mirror what they are watching...this is a common problem that I have seen with television/ particular Romantic Comedies and their effect on females. Don't get me started.

This is an old clip...but he goes over how annoying My Super Sweet 16 and it is also in the new series episode 3 Aspiration. So great.

My favorite part "Actually I think this may be an Al Qaida recruitment video." Faaaaaaaaaaaaaackin awesome.



  1. This post has literally made my day. Had I not seen it I would have had to go to bed a defeated and broken person. I am defs going to stalk Charlie Brooker when I move back to the UK. My favourite part was when he called the girl a flesh waste. I might start using that.

  2. I am SO glad I will have someone in the world that I know stalking him. Keep me posted on your findings ;)


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