Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown...Why the Tantrum?

Chris Brown when "ballistic" this morning after this interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts. He was on the show to promote his new album and she asked him about the Rihanna issue etc. He kept saying...I would like to focus on the album. 

I guess after the interview he started throwing shit around and busted a window - security had to be called. Clearly all those hours of picking up trash off the highway have no cured his anger issues...which is obviously mind blowing.

It is clear to me why he was so mad...Chris Brown looked in a mirror and realized that his hair is a nasty throw back to Eminem of 1999. Don't be surprised if you see a bruised up photo of his hair stylist surfacing some time soon.


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  1. First off, Dennis Rodman called and wants to report a case of identity theft. Second, maybe if you hadn't written an album specifically about the people who hate you because you beat Rihanna, people would stop asking you about it.


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