Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen...Funny or Die

So Charlie Sheen did a skit for Funny or Die. The thing about Funny or Die skits that are usually hilarious is that they are actors doing something outrageous and everyone knows they are kidding.  Charlie Sheen on the other hand...

They basically took all the insane shit that he has been spouting for the past two weeks and had him recant it in the form of making food for the Food Network. I think the only part that was funny is when he breaks the plate and says "Steaks done."

Everything else is just a mirror of the real life stuff of Sheen. Smoking in every scene, saying Winning, Tiger Blood, Duh, Plan Better, Trolls and Warlocks. It is just reinforces the sadness that you should be feeling for Sheen...cause if this was just a normal skit with a normal might have been funny.


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