Thursday, March 17, 2011

Charlie Sheen to play Toronto and Vancouver

I have been avoiding writing about Charlie Sheen for the past little while...while I love Charlie, it is getting absolutely out of control ridiculous. I will continue to follow the story about him hiring an intern, because that is hilarious...but his "violent torpedo of truth" I shall stay out of its way.

That being said I thought this deserved a little write up...Charlie Sheen has expanded his "Charlie Sheen's: Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" tour. His first two shows, one in Detroit and one in Chicago, sold out in 18 minutes (shocking) and he has now added 12 more dates including 2 in Canada.

Of course the 2 shows in the great north are in, you guessed it, Toronto (Massey Hall - April 12) and Vancouver (Rogers Arena - May 2), but never the less...they are there. Tickets range from $54-112 in Van and $93-123 in Toronto.

You are telling me some idiot is going to pay $123 to see Charlie Sheen rant on stage for an hour, intermediately dropping in the words duh, winning, fastball, warlock, troll, plan better, and tiger blood. Did these people not see his uStream bomb?

I think his fans will probably buy tickets...cause you know, it is possible that he may fastball to death quite shortly after he performs.


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  1. Pffff. He also said, I’m going to:
    “riff like an artist” lol
    Who is he coming as? Charlie Waffles?


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