Monday, March 21, 2011

Charlie Sheen back to Two and A Half Men? Doubtful.

There have been reports floating around since this morning that Charlie Sheen has been offered his Charlie Harper job back by the peeps at CBS. PEOPLE is saying that a source close to the sitch says that it will be a no go and other have speculated that it may actually happen.

I don't know what Charlie's angle is here since he was in talks the other day with FOX and having a late night show, but I would have to say that we should just let Two and a Half Men rest in peace. Charlie is way to volatile to go back on a show that involves other people besides the oh so important Sheen.

Do you actually think Jon Cryer, Angus Jones and Holland Taylor want to work with that train wreck anymore? I think, at this point, they would rather some half-talent replace Charlie and have another 2 or 3 season run before cancellation than risk bringing Sheen back and ruining it 3 episodes in...from death or other causes.

Charlie should just stick to the crazy for now. Go on your tour, sell your t-shirts, spout your gibberish and leave the past behind you.


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