Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrity Email Hacking Ring?

The FBI are currently in a slow season and have decided that it is appropriate to investigate the supposed celebrity hacking ring that has been hacking into celebs emails and showing their nude photos to the world.

Can someone please tell the FBI that they should focus more on finding that missing child (not sure which one, but there has to be one somewhere)...or, if it is the technology department, focus on creepers with the child porn? Cause if a celeb is dumb enough to take nude pictures of themselves and email or text them...they are idiots.

Some say that there is no celeb hacking ring at all. I got a really hilarious email today that you can read here...which names two girls that are friends with Vanessa Hudgens that leaked the photos of her.

Seriously...who cares about this? News to Vanessa Hudgens - your movies suck with or without a leaked noody.


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