Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bobcat Goldthwait talks God Bless America and My Super Sweet 16 bringing on Armageddon

Bobcat Goldthwait, most notably known from the 80's Police Academy movies and now more-so for directing, is currently doing some stand up shows at Yuk Yuks venues across Canada.

This past week I found out about a movie that he is going to be making called God Bless America...which I told you was about a dude who watches My Super Sweet 16 and then goes out and kills the girl from the show. I was so jacked on this that I tracked down Bobcat while he was in Calgary to get the bigger scoop of the film.

When Bobcat was in England he noticed that My Super Sweet 16 was played a lot there. Which obviously would make any American cower in shame..."The worst brats of all time are from your country? Tisk tisk." After noting that America's "lowest points" usually make it over to the UK he decided that My Super Sweet 16 "is one of the starting pistols of the Armageddon." Oh Bobcat, couldn't agree more. If God decides, f-ck the rainbow, and drowns the world will be because of those 15 year olds with the walking brat disease.

If there was something so atrocious in Canada I should think that Canadian film makers would be all over it...ripping it to shreds and making a murder movie about it as well.  As far as God Bless America, this is what Bobcat told me about the the movie...further than what we already know.

"I will not confirm nor deny that they may end up on an American Idol type show making the judges, at gun point, dance and sing for a mentally challenged guy who's reminiscent of William Hung." said Bobcat, "So it's really about how we are this really nasty culture. I think people will think it is a comedy, but the movie that influenced me more was the movie Network when I wrote it...which is about where are we going in regards to news. It's kind of crazy when you're watching the news now and people are reading tweets. You pick your pick your own version of what's going on...It's a movie about, not just My Super Sweet 16, it's the fact that our kindness is disappearing. It sounds pretty pretentious, but it's very violent."

I would have to disagree with Bobcat...if our kindness was truly disappearing, all the kids from My Super Sweet 16 and other such heinous shows would be brutally beat to dead on a daily basis. I am still a legitimate person, as are others, but showcasing the few bad apples would definitely make one think that that world was coming to an end.

Joel Murray, brother of Bill, will be playing the lead actor who goes on the killing spree...they are yet to cast Chloe, the bratty 16 year old. They will be doing that once Bobcat is done this tour. Better choose fast as they start filming in April.

I did ask, several times, if I could be an extra or if I could get shot in the movie and Bobcat laughed it off. I was being serious. Being in a movie is on my bucket list. I will take being an extra on this epic piece of history. So Bobcat get your people to contact my people...and by my people I mean me, I don't have people.

Bobcat will be doing two more shows tonight at Yuk Yuks at the Elbow River Casino. Click here for more info.


I also asked Bobcat the Regular Randoms. Click here to read his answers.


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