Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big News! Wyclef's Hand - GRAZED Today. (*Eyeroll)

Did you see the headlines this morning...Wyclef Jean shot in Haiti! That's kind of intense right? Wrong. His hand was "grazed" by a bullet, he went to the hospital - probably to put on a band-aid, and is completely fine.

I would actually had been more sympathetic if he was "shot at in an attempted assassination" which this very well might have been...but after hearing that someone was "shot" you kind of expect something a little more serious than a hand graze. To be completely honest, I would rather have that than a paper cut - ouch.

The election is currently going on in Haiti, and if you do recall Wyclef wanted to run for Prez but got denied. So he is currently down there campaigning for someone else that he would like to see elected. No word on where he was campaigning when he was shot at, but I am sure security is going to be a little more beefed up from now on.


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