Monday, March 14, 2011

ALL of Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood Intern Hopefuls Move to Round 2

Don't be fooled if you applied to be Charlie Sheen's intern and you got this in your email did over 74,000 other people. I think the first step was just to make sure that you had a legitimate email address and you knew how to fill in the blanks.

The next part of the application requires the applicant to fill out their education (High School and or Post-Secondary), their two most relevant/current employment positions, and lastly links to their social media sites (blogs, twitter, etc.).

Team Sheen, please take note...this application process is FAR to easy. I know you are hoping for every porn star in the nation to apply, but don't you want a smart porn star? One that may actually be useful at her job...and not just b-jobs? No? Ok fine. Whatever.

People that "made it" to the second round have until midnight Wednesday to submit their "resume."


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