Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When Bieber Meets the Great One

Gawd, I am turning into such a Bieber whore I apologize. But the kid is popping up everywhere and there is nothing else good going on in the world...that I can make fun of...good luck with your shit Libya.

So I posted a photo of the Biebs meeting Wayne Gretzky earlier and now here is a video.

What I love about his meet with Wayne:
  1. The girls in the audience clearly have no idea who Wayne is and are showing him no respect while they are playing air hockey.
  2. I thought Bieber was going to cry...but that may have been because I just watched American Idol and that was the face that was followed by tears on the show.
  3. Wayne says his daughter is shy...she looks shit scared if you ask me...and kind of annoyed. Hilarious.
  4. The jersey that Wayne gives him may fit him...if he goes through a giant growth spurt and starts picking up some beer pounds.
  5. "Why'd you do that to me? You made me look like a groupie or somethin." - Bieber
  6. Then you find out that Bieber had already met Gretzky earlier in life...and then you just want to punch him in the gut. The kid seriously has magic fairy dust coming out of his ass.
Oh and one other thing...what the hell is "The Talk" I have never heard of this show before which (at least on this episode) had the bitch wife from King of Queens, the lezzie from Rosanne, Sharon Osbourn, Julie Chen from Big Brother and some other lady I have never seen before. Is this supposed to be the View for rejects or something? Clarification needed.


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  1. Gretzky's daughter looks PIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSED hahahaha. Best part of the video.


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