Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Want Coachella Tickets?

Oh man...the things that some people will do for tickets. Or should I say, the things that some people would like people to do for tickets...and more specifically, tickets to Coachella.

This ad was posted on Kijiji by a guy from Calgary who says that he bought tickets to Coachella, but can no longer use them. He is willing to GIVE them to two (un)lucky ladies if they have a threesome with him. His standards are pretty low:

A) Be two girls (18+)
B) Both must be better than 6's
C) No incurable STD's
D) Must have always been female

For real? A I agree with, don't want to go to jail after giving out FREE tickets. B...well what do you consider to be a 6? Cause that could vary from person to person...and could he not have requested higher than a 6? C...incurable...does this mean he is ok if you have crabs or something you can get rid of? Gawd, desperate. D...HILARIOUS, cause that could get really awkward when you realise that Charline was actually a Charlie.

Good luck with that. And when I say good luck I are a perv and I hope the girls that contact you are shemales with an incurable STD that they don't tell you about.


Thanks Dana for this gem.

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