Monday, February 7, 2011

Twitter and Lord Voldemort Make Dreams come True

There are some Twitter accounts that are run by your everyday Joe pretending they are a fictional character. Most of them suck and I wish Twitter would revoke their usage privileges, but a few are funny enough to solicit a follow. Besides @Jesus_M_Christ and @Broslife some of the best out there are the people that capture the essence of villains...such as Lord Voldemort.

Lord_Voldemort7 is pretty hilarious. And today he hooked up some kids for prom...which is not normal, but quite cute. (Above).

Voldy usually entertains his followers with tweets like these:

Did Christina Aguilera just screw up America's National Anthem? Wow, and I thought it was bad when I screwed up trying to kill that baby...

I'm going to call Bruno Mars' annoyingly repetitive bluff. You'd catch a grenade for her? Challenge accepted...

Yes, Katy Perry, I HAVE felt like a plastic bag floating through the wind. It was either an enlightening moment or all the acid I did...

Do you have a suggestion of someone hilarious I can follow? Lame suggestions not wanted...only good, laugh so hard you cry shit need be submitted.


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  1. have you followed @fakechucknorris yet?


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