Monday, February 7, 2011

Top 5: Superbowl Commercials

There are a few reasons that people tune into the Superbowl that don't have to do with football. Some like the halftime show and if you live in America you may tune in for the commercials.  Canadians however, do not get to see the highly anticipated commercials.  Lucky for you I saw most of them and have decided on my five favourites. And yes, I know people saw some of these pre-Superbowl, but whatever.

Nothing like a parent f-cking with their kid to get people laughing.

Nice little shout out to Detroit. Although I was expecting Eminem to look into the camera and say "Buy a car or die" or something along those lines.

A saloon full of cowboys singing Tiny Dancer? I wonder if Elton is pleased cause I was. I have to say, my all time fave Budweiser commercials were the "Budweiser, King of Beers" ones where they flipped the cap over to make a crown. Genius.

Pepsi Max
DOMESTIC ABUSE...and then just abuse. But I think the worst thing was the soap in the mouth. YUCK. But obviously funny.

Whoever had the idea of Roseanne Barr getting plowed over by a log should get a raise...a big fat raise. The rest of the commercial however, sucked. It should have just been Roseanne being whacked and then "Great things happen when you eat a Snickers."

This didn't make the list...but I thought I would throw it in for laughs because I REALLY hope that is what Biebers hair looks like when he gets old...I am pretty sure he, along with all the Beliebers, would just die. And Ozzy is a loon.


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