Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 5 Special Edition: Jes' Favourite Things

I thought that Oprah's Favorite Things was a bit lacking this year, especially since it was her last one. And since Oprah's Favourite Things is no more I have decided that I will pick up the torch and continue on the tradition. 

I am going to change it a bit though...instead of giving people these things on the list like Oprah "I am the richest woman in the world" Winfrey, I will be doing the list a week before my hopes that someone will take the ever so subtle hint and get me some good birthday presents this year. (Oprah, you are allowed to read this list and send me as many things off it as you like).

Golden Chucks
You can't go wrong with Chucks...I am a Chucks whore, but I have yet to have a pair of gold kicks so a pair for my quarter century birthday would be nice. (And also Mr. Taylor...if you could make some just straight up full gold ones for me that would be awesome....laces and all.)

Marky Mark - The Book
I am surprised at myself that I do not already have this gem which is dedicated to Mark Wahlberg's dick. ( the acknowledgements it says "I wanna dedicate this book to my dick.").  I would also accept Marky Mark - The Person as a gift as well (or a phone call...whatever you can fit into your schedule).

Footed Pajamas
I always loved the footed pajamas when I was a child and then you grow up and BAM, you are not allowed to wear rad pajamas anymore. Well have no fear...some geniuses thought that adults should be able to be awesome as well and made adult pjs. Footed Pajamas are the newer, cooler, snuggie.

Alley Burger
Charcut, a restaurant in downtown Calgary, makes gourmet burgers that usually cost $18, but some nights they sell them for $5 in an alley. I have been to the restaurant and it was legit, so now I would like to have one of these burgers and you should too.

Clear Framed Glasses
I love giant glasses and have found the perfect pair from the UK company PRISM London. So legit.

Traveler Coffee Table
Anthropologie has some epic home furnishings...all are priced more than one of my kidneys and a few thousand of my eggs combined, but if I got one piece I would ask for this coffee table. My mom has a antique chest like this that I have already claimed as mine when she dies...but that won't be for a long long while, so this could defs take it's place in the interim.

Trip to see Celine in Vegas
I see that Celine is on Oprah today...and I am pretty sure she gave everyone in the audience tickets to see her Vegas show. SO JEALOUS. I would like a trip to Vegas to see Celine in concert. I would then die happy.

I am usually not a high roller when it comes to booze. I usually just kick it with some Alberta Pure or Boones, but for a special occasion like my 25th I would like to have some Moet Champagne and some Ciroc.

Fuck Cancer Bracelet
The Fuck Cancer people have made a way for us all to be bad ass and support a cause. This I like...and the bracelets are very classy-rad looking. Definite stamp of approval from Jes.

Any of these gifts would be acceptable for my birthday...I also believe that any of these would be acceptable for Josh Groban, whose birthday is also on Sunday.


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  1. Girl you CANNOT have my clear framed glasses...
    Mine are back in the Hooouussse!


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