Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top 5: Canadian Grammy Moments

Canada is taking over the world. You didn't know? It's probably because we are too humble to shove it in your face, but there are a few Canadians that made the home country proud tonight at the Grammy or no win.

Bieber was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Album both which he lost, which is not very surprising. No offense Biebs, but My World wasn't that good. But at least you are playing the in the big time and if puberty doesn't kill your singing career I am sure you have many years ahead of you to attempt the golden statue.  His Grammy performance is probably going to be the talk of tweens all over the world after doing a shortened acoustic version of Baby and then a ninja filled display of Never Say Never featuring Jayden Smith.  Best part of the whole thing was Will Smith...totally proud Papa to his little one rapping. So cute.

Drake. He didn't win anything either...yeah yeah, I know you are thinking that I am delusional in thinking that Canada is taking over, but both of these kids were nominated for best new artist and got to perform at the Grammys. Drake at least has some years left in him to really leave his mark. And you can't fault the kid to losing to Jay-Z. Anyone would lose to Jay.

Seth Rogen. My favorite presenter of the night said that he had heard all sorts of things tonight and that was just when he was backstage "getting high with Miley Cyrus." HILARIOUS. Some people said it was too soon...I say, don't f-ck around with a bong unless you want people who are actually stoners to make fun of you on national television. Well deserved, well played.

Esperanza Spalding wins for Best New Artist. The world goes absolutely ape shit wondering who the hell this woman is. Beliebers obviously go crazy and do the above to her Wikipedia page. I was not on Team Bieber or Team Drake for this one (although I am always on Team Canada, so if either won I would have been ok with it)...I was fully 100% convinced that Florence and the Machine was going to win. It was the shock heard round the Twitterverse. "WHO THE HELL IS THAT?" Yeah, still trying to figure that one out.

Arcade Fire. They did an awesome performance which was slightly overshadowed by the used of a million strobe lights (if someone didn't have a seizure I will be shocked). I was really thinking that they were not going to pull out the big win since they didn't win the Best Alternative Album category and Lady Antebellum was on a gross roll, but they did. Album of the Year, which is the biggest prize of the night, went to the Montreal based band. Some people had the same reaction to them as I did to Esperanza Spalding...but they are just ill educated.

Those were the Canadian highlights...of the main show. Michael Buble (or, as I like to refer to him "My Husband #2") won the Grammy for best Traditional Pop album, but it wasn't televised. I am sure you can find the other big points of the evening on any other news Nicki Minaj's hair, Christina Aguleria falling after the Aretha tribute or people saying that John Mayer looked like he was ripping of Johnny Depps look (um, many people do the dirt bag look thank you very much).

Until next year, that's the Grammys.


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