Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Talented Olsen? Elizabeth Olsen takes on Sundance.

We all know Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We know them as the little girl on Full House and the twins that made all those really crappy movies when they were younger. They are now known more for their giant sunglasses and Gypsy looking clothes and their "fashion" and less for acting. None of their siblings ever shared their spotlight and I somewhat assumed it was because they would be just as bad if not worse at acting as them.  Turns out I was wrong (it happens...occasionally).

Elizabeth Olsen is their 21 year old younger sister who studied theatre at NYU. She was in two films that showed at Sundance...one of them being about a girl who escapes a cult. I have heard nothing but raves about her performance.

So...I guess their may be redemption for the Olsen family name after all.  I will be watching you "Lizzie"...let's see what you can do.


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