Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snooki in Calgary

Snooki made her first Canadian appearance last night in Calgary at 355 Mansion. She didn't show her face until close to midnight and it was pretty hard to see her...cause the douches at Mansion have a big hard on for the smoke machine...but to sum up the $24-$35 people paid to see (when it was possible) Snooki walked around the back of the room, she too the mic and said "I am excited to fist pump with you bitches," she did a contest for the biggest Guido and Guidette (um it's Calgary so obviously there were no real ones in attendance) and then that was about it.

The entire place was PACKED with chicks. It was a vag fest for sure. There were a few scattered boys, but there was so much estrogen. It was icky. There was one chick that was wearing Snooki slippers...that was rad and I really hope she got a picture with the Snooks.  There was also these two beastly chicks that got into a crazy fight that went on for quite a while before the bouncer got involved. I got it on tape. Hilarious.

As far as Mansion is concerned...that place is lame. I don't know if it was the event, but it looked like the new bar where underage kids get through the door. Can someone please let me know a good place to go dancing where I WON'T feel like I am babysitting?

Snooki was rocking the poof, which was great, but other than the the night was a waste and it is the first and last time I go to any kind of "hosted" bar night.



  1. Hey jes, your blog is really amazing, and i've loved everything i've seen so far..especially the jenna marbles vid.

    in any case, i was kind of regretting not going to mansion last night since it is a couple blocks away from my downtown apt but i'm glad you took these vids cos it doesn't seem like i missed out on too much. but either way i'm a big fan of snooks so thanks a lot for this entry!! ;-)

  2. "What the fuck is going on? Holy shit!"
    I fucking love you

  3. That's me in the white shirt :P

  4. Ahahaha the video of the chicks fighting is hilarious!!! I did attend the Mansion to see Snooki and to be honest I thought it was a waste of time and money! I was very close to her by the back bar where she eventually went and stood and talked on the Mic. I wish she would of went to another bar. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the mansion. I seen the bouncers man handle alot of the women there including me and my friends. I think the manager of the club who is come goofy looking asain guy should get the shit kicked out of him for letting all those pill popping tuff guy boucners for working there. I will never go to that bar again!!! If I had the power I would totally get the DUMP of a Bar closed down!!!!


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