Monday, February 7, 2011

Simon Cowell will make fun of you again

Simon Cowell will be returning to television sets in the Fall as a judge on the American spin off of the British hit the X Factor.

I still have yet to see the new and "improved" American Idol...but I hear it is a lot nicer, which of course makes me think that it would be a good show to turn on if I want to fall asleep.  The only good thing about it is Steven Tyler, because he is a dirty old man...but something tells me that they may be getting him to tone that down. Which sucks...cause there goes their show.

Simon coming back to the tube will hopefully be the kiss of death for AI. Hopefully...but who knows. The show has been on the air 7 seasons to long already.

I think this ad (above) was a big "suck my dick" from Simon. Love it.


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