Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pretty sure I love James Franco more and more every day

In this behind the scenes Oscars promo James and Anne talk about how they accepted their offers to host the Oscars.  Obviously Anne does not have the figurative balls of James because they asked her first...and she declined. Usually stars decline because it is a live show and they don't want to end up looking ridic, obviously that happens, a lot. But James was like, "Meh, sure"...and then Hathaway jumped on the bandwagon.

Who am I kidding...I would say no at first too...then when I heard I would be doing it with James I would have 180'd so fast you wouldn't even remember my initial response.

The Oscars air on Feb case you have forgotten, that is also my birthday (which I share generously with Josh Groban).


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