Friday, February 11, 2011

Passing on Born This Way

The first complaint I have is the opening of the song. It was just as preachy as her concert. For those of you who spent $100 or more to attend the Lady Gaga Show you will know what I am talking about. About half way through the concert I was thinking, "Ok, we GET it. You are weird, you want other people to feel like they can be themselves. Carry on already." The message is great, don't get me wrong, I just don't like being slapped in the face every five seconds with it when I paid to see her sing and dance around in crazy costumes.

Second complaint...the music. This is all they could come up with? I think she was spending too much time thinking about what the album cover was going to look like and what f-cked up costume she was going to wear to her CD launch party that she missed the whole "we should make this sound good" concept. The whole song sounds like a combination of the last couple bars that lead up to the chorus in "When Love Takes Over" (Kelly Rowland & David Guetta) and that song from A Goofy Movie...Standout? (And don't even try to give me a hard time about referencing Goofy Movie, when I was 10 it was rad).

Last complaint I feel like she is a little late to the "be who you are" song release game. Obviously she started it and the teen suicides made it a giant issue, but who hasn't put out a song in the last 6 months that didn't have the message "f-ck 'em, be you"? I would have to say, of the ones that I can think of off the top of my head, this is my least fave. Maybe it is because the hook sounds like something that would have been cool in 1999, maybe it's because there was such a build up to something that I feel is just mediocre, or maybe it is because I am not a gay man. Whatever the reason I will not be one of the millions of people who are going to download this song today. I'll save my $1.29 thanks very much.



  1. OMG STANDOUT that was my favorite song. Even if im going shout out loud tonight is the only thing youll see when you stand out. I have it on itunes.


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