Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mike Fisher traded to Nashville - Goodbye Carrie Underwood

The Carrie Underwood fans in the Ottawa area can cancel their stalking plans if she ever made the move to our great country. The singers NHL husband Mike Fisher was traded today from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville can't even tell me that Carrie was not a factor in this trade. They have a house in Tennessee already so this is going to be an easy move for him.

He has been with the Senators for what, like 10 years? And then he marries an American Idol and bails for south of the border. Hmph.

How are fans taking this? To be completely honest I don't follow the Senators at all...except last night when the Flames beat them 5-2 (Go Flames Go). So I don't know if Fisher was sucking or if Ottawa is going to turn Cleveland on his ass and burn his jerseys when he comes back to town.

Who knows, who cares. All I know is that this trade pretty much guaranteed that Underwood will not be moving to Canada...ever.


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  1. My boyfriend is a sens fan (it hurts to say that) and all he said was "dammit carrie underwood, good thing i didn't buy a fisher jersey" he was one of the better players though that's for sure. they are a sinking ship this year already...


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