Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Review: Legally Blonde the Musical

I am a sucker for a musical. That being said, a musical can also rip out my heart and stomp it till it's lifeless if it does not meet expectations. Luckily with Legally Blonde expectations were met. Lots of pink, blonde hair and music that Barbie could jam to in her dream house. A girly girls heaven and and a gothic covens worst nightmare.

Elle Woods made the transition from screen to stage very nicely. Let's not kid ourselves into ever thinking that anyone could play an Elle like Reese Witherspoon, and this was not an exception, but it was a mighty fine effort. Nikki Bohne was a fine replacement for perfection and had vocal chords that Reese probably wished she owned.

Nikki was joined by a super fun cast as well as a dog who played Elle's pup Bruiser. What a well trained little mutt. I must admit I was very impressed with his good behaviour and he definitely stole the show for the woman sitting behind me...if I had a soul he may have done it for me as well.

My highlights were as follows: The number called There! Right There! which I believe should have been called "Gay or European" during the pool boy courtroom scene, the Greek Chorus (a figment of Elle's imagination...I would like to have a chorus of my own), and the scenes with the ensemble of guys who were clearly supposed to be wankers (except when they were shirtless...yum) since they were wearing jeans with Ed Hardy bolded across the ass. You might as well tattoo douche bag to your face. Speaking of the costumes, they were very much in sync with the film, in other words: So. Much. Colour. From the fourth row I literally thought my retinas were going to explode out of the back of my head.

I would definitely recommend this one for a girls night out. There is plenty to keep one entertained for the full run (trust me. I am self diagnosed with ADHD and I was not squirming): pop culture references, cutesy songs, comedic lines, and a script that does not stray too heavily from the film (enough to keep you guessing, but not enough to ruin a good thing).

Boys should be glad that this wasn't around yesterday (V-Day) or they may have had to endure the pink explosion. Girls and gays however, get your asses out to the Jubilee to see this won't be disappointed.

Verdict: 4.5 Stars


Legally Blonde runs from Feb 15 - 20. Click here for tickets.

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